Getting clear on what you're creating and why, is vital for social change activities. The Impact Canvas helps you recognise your intervention in the context of the world around you.


Building shared language and direction about your intervention makes decision making much easier. The Impact Canvas helps you get aligned through making everything explicit.


Social Impact initiatives are notoriously difficult to evaluate, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. The Impact Canvas helps you understand where to start.
The Impact Canvas is coming soon

We're currently putting the final touches to the canvas and a guide to help you use it. We've been supported by the Enspiral Foundation to bring this project to life, sign up here to build your practice.

Who is it for?

Change-makers, Social Entrepreneurs, Policy Makers, Impact Programme Designers, NGO Leaders, Evaluators, Impact Funders and more.


Articulate Your Hypotheses

Funders are increasingly looking for Outcomes, not Outputs. The Impact Canvas helps you explain your theory of change and explain it to stakeholders, funders and your team.

Cut Through Complexity

When you're facing an complex problem, the intervention points aren't always clear. The Impact Canvas Guidebook helps you develop a practice which moves with the challenges.

Know If You're Winning

Do you really want to sink several years and untold amounts of money into something which doesn't work? The Impact Canvas helps you understand if you're succeeding.
This project is developed by Chelsea Robinson with support from Sam Rye & The Enspiral Foundation.
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